The fault is in our stars, he said, making a sad puppy face when he said it, while my eyes were still lost in his messy hair and his child like pout. As this heavy anchor slowly sank in my mind,  I tried to drown my sadness in smiles and wash the cries with laughter. I only hold on to the lifeboat of hope to meet him one day.

Let’s rewind a month ago. Uncertainly so, we met virtually, and instead of a spark, there was fire. It was a war between us to see who was more awesome that the other.

Sarcastic arrows were thrown at each other, we dodged them,

Simple words were said , we embraced them,

Silly random conversations were brewed and we drank it all, for nights on end.

We knew there was much more to be shared between us, but , the fault is in our stars.

A month had gone by, with our meaningless meaningful conversations. We were like Batman and Catwoman,  Spongebob and Patrick – a team – the A team! Everything thing seemed to be in place. He had his wit, I had my humour, he had his style, I had my sarcasm, he had his flirts and I would willingly let it play with my mind, until they matched our horoscopes.  Various astrologers, experienced and new, young and old, all said only but one thing, we could not be together, it was a violation of nature, they said, ‘ the fault is in our stars’.

The elders had the power to combine two strong forces, to calculate and to predict the future. But prediction, is an interpretation which could or could not be true. And yet our stars had failed us, again, and again and again. But there was a score, which no one spoke of, calculated by the elders, secretly stashed away, unknown to everyone, all the other scores were no match for this score, for not all scores were going to be perfect, but this one was. One perfect score. The score of LOVE . It won over all the others. And still love was not enough because the fault is in our stars.



Here’s a thought.. ” how many of you got inspired by the month of a year?”  For me, I feel every month has a special theme to it. It may end up being a stereotypical theme, but it actually inspired me to make a calendar for myself, since I had nothing better to do and I did not want to buy those typical poster calendars which is not related to me in any way.

I wanted a personal touch to my calendar for 3 reasons

1. Because it would look arty, unique, creative and cool!

2. Every month would have a little bit on me in it! It would be MY CALENDAR.

3. It would look awesome in my room!!!

So, on the 1st of every month, I doodled on the back ( the blank side) of the 2013 calendar and reused it ( Reuse, Recycle, Reduce).  All I needed was an old calendar, some sharpies (sketch pens) and my crazy mind to help me make the calendar I wanted.

Materials needed to make an awesome calendar

Materials needed to make an awesome calendar



Winter and Vogue ->

Since it is winter and the only things you have to wear are coats, pullover, jackets, and Pale Skin – to brighten everyone up with many colourful designs was this winter’s famous “AZTEC” print which was seen all over the world. Girls wore it on jackets, jeans, bags, bangles and Boys wore them on T-shirts and shoes and even sunglasses. I had to make this for the first month making it positive and colourful – like ‘le moi’.

Inspiration – AZTEC


AZTEC doodle with "January" written in a self made doodle font.

AZTEC doodle with “January” written in a self-made doodle font.



Love and Hate ->

“RED” had to be the colour of this month. “cliché” much? I don’t care. February has love in the air! Love finding another Love. Love trying too hard for another Love. Love hating the other Love. Love turning into Hate. Hate not having a Love. End of story. The entire month was a stereotype, but it was an inspiration none-the-less.

Inspiration – RED


copyright reserved by Komal Shah only. Do NOT use without permission by the creator.

Roses are red.



Buds and Blooms ->

Needless to say, March announces spring. Floral hues are another stereotypical theme for this month. Breathing in the tropical zone, I’m exposed to extraordinary flora and fauna, and how better than to depict it in art. “FLOWERS” would bloom this month, inspiring me to bloom along with them.

Inspiration – FLOWERS


Try to name all the flowers doodled in the picture.

Try to name all the flowers doodled in the picture.



Glamour and Sophistication ->

MY BIRTHDAY MONTH! has to be glamorous and Sophisticated – only because – I’m turning 25! Along with that, there are so many weddings and parties, ( many birthdays in April) the entire month is a show of “GOLD GLAMOUR”. It is also the time of the year when the sun brings us a Sultry Summer, making out bodies shine with sweat and reflect our Indian bodies into a golden tan. Soaking up the sun already!

Inspiration – GOLD GLAMOUR


Bleed GOLD.....

Bleed GOLD…..



The Sun and its Colours ->

I had an amazing birthday and now its May! The sweltering heat and the unexpected rains this summer has surprised the people of this city. A hint of the golden sun still lingers on the leaves and the blossoms of this month. All around I can see tiny pink and yellow flowers reflecting the sun’s colours – much like the cherry blossom trees. I’m not sure if there are any, in this city, but I would definitely like to stand under a blooming CHERRY BLOSSOM tree.



Golden, pink and yellow cherryblossoms! and you know it's SUMMER!

Golden, pink and yellow cherryblossoms! and you know it’s SUMMER!



Rain drops on Roses ->

And yet again the pun in my life! Everything is cloudy, gloomy and dull this month. Weather seems to be alright for now, but with the monsoons heading our way, its bound to get worse. Along with that, news from the personal life, it’s just like this weather. Although I always hold on to a leaf of hope, I know things will get greener and fresh after a while. So, this month’s  doodle reflects on the weather as well as my quarter life crisis! THE GREEN is what I’m going to focus on this month, New leaves, Fresh air, a little Hope, and Smile before you start all over again.

Inspiration – THE GREEN

Rain be dull and green be leaves, hold on to ye heart, this is just a tease.

Rain be dull and green be leaves, hold on to ye heart, this is just a tease.



Happy and Fly ->

June was a tease all right! So many positive things in July. It’s time to get in shape, look good, smile often and jump high!  This month has to be HAPPY! The happiness has elated to an extent where I feel like I’m flying, and what better to depict it by using fresh colours and colourful BALLOONS! I know it will come down after a while, but right now I plan to bask in my HAPPINESS!

Inspiration – HAPPY BALLOONS






Note – Readers, you will have to wait till August 2014 for the update for the month of August calendar inspiration. But do feel free to comment , like, share and be INSPIRED…. till then… Cheers!! 

Red Stilettos


I lie there in her room, in the darkness under her bed. And I lay still to listen to the sounds, and try to get her smell. But all that there is where I lay here below is dust and ashes and the memories old. I was gifted to her in a gold and glitter box. She hastily unwrapped it and blushed into my colour. I knew she was in LOVE with me, it was love at first sight. Since that day she took me places. Showed me off like an engagement ring. Of course it was an engagement- of me and her. I turned heads, of women and men. I stirred jealousy and lust. I made her look sexy, I made her look hot, I made her look classy, even when she was not. She was amusing, and she stepped on no toes, but she used me a little to feel some men’s souls. Soles, come in two forms, Good and Bad. Good ones are shiny, polished, few scars on the surface but quite comfortable. The Bad ones are dangerous, they hurt you all day, they make scars on you and leave you will only pain. So when I noticed a bad sole.. I tell her to run away, I tell her to flee before the scars cut through her fair skin, deep within, where even I, won’t be able to reach.

She runs. Scared. She runs. Down the stairs, on the pavement, across the street while running  she twists her ankle and I break my heel. Her agony turns into anger and just when she was about to call me names…BANG! She screams. Everything goes blank. I wake to find myself in her room, on the warm wooden floor. She is there, on her bed, heavily asleep. But what’s this new sound I hear? Peep, peep, peep. Days go by and all has passed away, no movement, no sounds, no light to my day. I lie there in her room, in the darkness under her bed. I hear no sound. I get no smell because She is dead.



th (2)

Cute as a cupcake with frosting, made for two, each takes a bite, bite one and bite two, just two.  That’s how long I’ve known you. Like a bee buzzing around me. Searching for nectar sweet and pure, you taste it once and only once. You want more. Crave for more, but wait, take time, enjoy the taste , there is no haste. Lick your lips and find that smile coz sweeter moments are hard to find.

Time and distance are devil in disguise, but we are young and not wise, let’s live the moment and reprise. Let’s just talk, hold hands, blush and gush with embarrassment, let’s just be fools and break the rules coz the devil will soon resume his life. So should we. Let us be cute, coz we can. Let us be cute, like that cupcake with frosting, made for two. Take a bite!

The Mumbai- Pune Love Affair


Connected by a nerve of tar on which fast moving cars like blood cells carry energy, back and forth, back and forth.

 It was a day, two cities, had fallen, in that crazy frenzy called love. “She is perfect”, he said. She was calm and quiet, and had fresh air around her. Her face dripped with everlasting youth. She had perfect weather and body that had hills, natural and firm. She saw him and wondered what his life was like. At first it seemed like he was mental, always running, always working, trains, buses, taxis, noise, people, confusion, pollution, traffic, STOP! she says (inhale) no time to breathe. But she held his hand, and felt a spark, through the synapse, a connection like a nerve of tar on which fast moving cars like blood cells carry energy back and forth, back and forth.

 Then it was nightfall. The night lights lit up and music flowed in the air. Both felt the lust of freedom and revelry. They danced, they drank and made merry. Under the navy blue and silver blanket he kissed her. A kiss that just touched her lips, but made her want more. He started unbuttoning and she was stunned when he showed her his body, oh so hot, his veins were roads, railways and highways running from head to toe, his outsides were coarse like  sand but strong if the waves hit his skin. He felt her perfect everything and kissed her again. Rising with the tides grew passion and purrs. Heat and cold, sweat and dust, a mixture of elements connected by a nerve of tar on which fast moving cars like blood cells carry energy back and forth, back and forth.

But they knew there were not like each other. They were never meant to be. Her heart would never beat as fast as his and his would never quiet down like hers. And so, they decided, to stay apart and still together by writing love notes and passing them to each other to stay connected by a nerve of tar on which fast moving cars like blood cells carry energy back and forth, back and forth.